Believing that an effective and meaningful way of presenting the gospel to young people was in the outdoors, surrounded by God’s handiwork, Canton Baptist Temple purchased Camp CHOF on October 4, 1969. Originally named the Christian Hall of Fame Youth Camp and Conference Center, the name was shortened to Camp CHOF (Christian Hall of Fame). The close fellowship of being with strong Christian leaders in a cabin, or around a camp fire or in an early morning devotional surrounded by the beauty of nature, has a way of establishing the might and power of the Creator. For many years, Camp CHOF has presented the gospel to young people in an environment free from distractions of the world. Not only does Camp CHOF provide an exciting summer camping program, but the camp is also rented to various groups and ministries throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please contact Canton Baptist Temple at 330-477-6267 or e-mail us at


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