2020 Virtual Camp

The Light of the World 2020

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2020 Brochure
Middle School Week 1 – June 14th – 19th

High School Week – June 21st – 26th

Junior Retreat – June 28th – 30th

Junior Week 1 – July 5th – 10th

Middle School Week 2 – July 12th – 17th

Junior Week 2 – July 19th – 24th

Summer Bible Conference – July 26th – 29th

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Your time working at Camp CHOF will make an eternal impact on the lives of hundreds of kids… and on you!

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Camp CHOF exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through a unique environment and exciting program with the goal of cultivating genuine relationships with God and one another!

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Whether you are hosting an event, a retreat, or looking to do some team building, Camp CHOF’s beautiful facilities and natural setting can accommodate you and provide the setting to make the most of your event.

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